Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life Beyond Bellydance

Hello all!
I really haven't been that diligent about keeping up with my blog, but I'm trying, really. I think it's really important for anyone who's interested to be kept informed, but more impportantly I want to have these blog entries for myself and to have a time line to see how I've grown and changed into the person I'll become. Maybe I'll be different maybe I'll stay relatively the same but I really want to see my history.

With that said I've been a busy little worker bee :D
For the past couple weeks I've kind of put bellydancing on the backburner to focus more other things.
I've been training to do a half marathon for this winter and I've been doing fundraising for the Muck Ruckus which is a race to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, which is an auto-immune disease that affects the spinal cord.

You can donate here:

But that's the 25th and once that's done I will be back to shimmying my tail off :D


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